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Monday, August 29, 2005


I really dont know what to write, my life has become a farce, or whatever u wana call it. I have probably become the worst version of myself, a disillusioned young man, if there ever was one. I dont like my life, nothing about it seems appealing,a engineer, at the site where i did my training, said that i have had the oppurtunity of a lifetime to study in a reputed college and what have u's and i should make the most of it, join a job as a trainee for a year and learn more on the job, after that write IES (WHAT CRAP), so that i work with the govt and cripple them the way the rest of the country rides it like a cheap whore (pardon my lingo, with all due respect to the better half of all of us, and for due reason they are called better). Some of my frds tell me that im doin well for myself, and there are people who would die to be me. My advice to 'these' people, "pls dont waste your life here".

Heck, ambition is cruel, aint it? Its the one word which dictionary would define, but the definition, to quote Robert Frost,is, "lost in translation". For one doesnt know what are the limits of one's own ambitions. I mean seriously, if we limit our ambitions, where are we headed?
The cruel nature,however comes in play, paradoxical as it may sound. The one's that are put into this predicament are the middle class dudes and chics, they are the ones likely to rise or slump through the ranks, so to speak. For the filthy rich, education is a luxury and the poor kids are too poor to afford a education, which makes me sad. And they are the ones who are made to grovel and persevere, for belief and hope is their life, having a career is something they live for, and boy when they achieve it, the serenity of it all is something out of this world.

But the paths followed are treacherous and really testing, and boy do they test you out. And herein lies the test of character and desire, for the fiercer that u get, the better chance u have. A pinch of luck wont do you any harm, though. This whole post is a reflection on the state of affairs of my life these days. You are out on the weekend with frds, smoke pot on saturday night, get up really late on sunday and decide to sit for a mock, some how land up with a decent rank and improved performance from your last one. and then the hydra headed thing (wont call it evil though) called ambition rolls in your head again, and u start to think. You think how you have dug up a grave for urself, where things went wrong, how cud u mess up something that meant a way of life to u???

A million q's that zip thru my head, i struggle for answers. And i have something to hang on to, something that all of us do, ambition.......

Friday, August 26, 2005

Weekend "Entertainment": Who's watching?

As one sits back and reflects on a weekend of great(??) infotainment,you can't help but wonder, what does the word entertainment mean?Forget Oxford or Webster, this word has been given a whole new meaningand dimension by our media.

Does it mean watching a flop movie star,turned highly overrated TV anchor, sit alongside a average (at best)cricketer and laugh their way to glory (gory), or watching thehard-hitting crime shows. A handful of people like yours truly are still recovering from the blows. They claim to show the heinous nature of crimes and help in catching criminals, but since when has glroifying crime helped catch a criminal?? They are packed with sensation, and are inspired from America's most wanted. While the original was more than helpful with catching criminals, the efficacy of the Indian counterparts remains to be seen. what they promote is,more creative ways to commit crime. one reputed news channel even carried a detailed segment of Dawood Ibrahim's rise from the son of a constable to a multi millionaire don.

And now to the Great indian laughter show, the show has been a success with the Indian public. yes, some of the contestants deserve credit,for their creativity, flair and novel ways to make people laugh, what requires Einstein's brains is to know the reason behind Shekhar Suman and Navjot Singh Siddhu laughing persistently. They look like paranoid androids, programmed to laugh after fixed intervals. And Siddhu even manages to raise his arms up and down and occasionally headbang, as if he was at a Rage Against The Machine concert. And his collection of Idioms, proverbs and phrases seems to have been exhausted, someone please buy him something new. One couldn't help butadmire his tenacity & guts as a cricketer. Of late however, he has the performance of the Indian team after the world cup 2003, one GRajaraman (journalist with outlook and ESPN) , a very famous and reputed one at that, made a valid point on how they beat lesser teams and made it to the finals and got bamboozled in the finals. Siddhu somehow managed to potray as if the person had made a comment on WC2003 performance, ridiculed him and even got applause from the (Dunce)audience. Seriously, if that is the credit dished out to a learned man, our media is doing a good job of it. The same channel had claimed that Mushtaq Ali had captained India, when and where, no one wouldknow, for he's dead now and no such records exist. !!!!!!!

Then, there is KBC. Being a quizzard and the great respect i have for my comrades, i will be hush hush about my opinions. What i couldn'tget is why Saif Ali Khan had turned up along with Preity Zinta to do ahour long trailor for 'Salaam Namaste'.But what i do admire is the way Amitabh Bachhan handles the show and proves beyond all doubt, why he's the sarkar.

As mush as one hates the BCCI, a arm that runs the game, has no proper office, no permanent meeting place, controversial elections, and everything else in between, one must thank the powers that be for imposing the experience clause in the tender. For if ZEE sports got the rights, it would be armageddon and apocalypse rolled in one. They managed to broadcast a series where less than 1000 spectators turned up at the venue, to all of asia. And the luncheon/ Supper shows were out of this world. Their was the 'wannabe Mandira Bedi' Tina whose knowledge of the game rivals the average indian's knowledge ofamerican football. And the male host was even better, he asked waqar,why was kumble named as an extra in the all time asian 11, Waqar though, thankfully had some senses left and promptly told him that it was a insurance in case some one got injured. And the 'Panel' carried on their discussions in Scottish punjabi (waqar) and kapil's 'rapidex' brand of english. Here are two cricketers, legendary and iconic, gone astray. Though one mustn't forget that the couch potato indian public,true to its reputation, watched all the matches and prove how 'good' the coverage was.

There was of course, the usual dosage of EPL and F1,which does bring reliefAnd yeah, there was the usual 'Desparate Housewives' and 'Sex of theCity', two shows which potray housewives and four single women yuppies(not so young, but nevermind) in their own ways. While they havetheir detractors, one can't deny the critical and commercial success.and yeah, the ever growing popularity in the metros. The screening ofHum Tum also did help, a candid unique look at the interactions of a boy and a girl and their turmoils with life, relationships etc.I dont really know where our electronic media has headed, but it can'tbe anywhere half decent. For the sheer quality (lack of) ofprogramming, they leave me bemused.And please, someone please tell the news channels not to make idols out of criminals.Thos country has enough troubles already.

When will they learn?

India, or "Team India" (???) as our beloved media calls them, capitulate and grovel to another defeat. What started as a promising day ended in familiarity with more and more questions, than answers, and with every game they play the problems only worsen. The reasons are not known to anyone i know, maybe, because our players make different ones for losing each contest. And they create new problems along the way. Welcome to 'Team' India.

This is not a first, it has been going on since the WC 2003, and if one looks either side of it, the picture looks gloomy. The tour to NZ was a disaster, with two wins out of 7, so much so, that people wanted India to beat NZ in South africa, as a 'Revenge' for the earlier tour. As fair as sport is, this is exaggarating the definition to the point that you send a David Dhawan movie for the best foreign language Oscar.

Here is a bunch of fatsos, higly overpaid, and even more highly sought after, who cant bat, bowl and the fielding, dont get me started on that. Everyone wants to run their mouths so much, and they want their commercials even more. Sehwag has even gone on record saying that his restaurant serves as a retirement plan for him, which the other players have also made. I think he should retire, the way he has been batting, the biggest hype in the country, bigger than any of the sleazy movies releasing every other friday. Everytime he scores double digits, please phodo a naariyal, and distribute the praasad, and keep the peel for savoring it later.

And there's Yuvraj Singh, who's more interested in visiting discs, doing interviews and ads, and most importantly screwing kim shrama. For i cant remember the last time he scored any runs of note, batting against a delhi league level west indies team can't be considered. the man seriously needs to get it together in his head, he will disappear faster than Kambli. I have always been a yuvraj fan, it hurts me to see a matchwinner struggle. he cant be the spoilt boy next door, he must grow up to be a man.

Dhoni should opt out and endorse l'oreal, recently thats all he has done barring another lethal conrtribution, dropped catches. He cant play 158 matches on one knock, pls talk some sense into his head, dont knw who, but god will send his angels and maybe things change. Kaif should sit out and sell products, like all the three others mentioned above. And causing run outs in vital finals is another one of his fortays.

There is one Sachin Tendulkar missing from the list, someone who has been caring bowlers of all kinds all over the grounds all over the world. After 18 years, he has had his share of injuries and recoveries, but the wear does show. He has won man of the match for opening, batting in the mid and lower mid order, and even his bowling. And somehow people claim that he is self centered. My barber and i have the most animated discussion when i need a haircut, and he often calls him names i dont wana mention or hear, but life is fair and many others like him are learning their lessons now.

What hurts is even with a coach as masterful and dedicated as Greg Chappel, they play like shit, and the blame is always left on Sourav and Dravid. They have won more games than dhoni will play in, and yet they are cursed for the performances (lack of). And in the last game just as Pathan and Yadav got a sniff of victory, they promtly apologized and surrendered their wickets, i wish india was bowled out for less than 50, atleast thoda dil ko sukoon milta and would have seen the briliant ashes series unfold, one, for once, gets to see cricket.

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Rise and Appreciate the movie

Yes, finally managed to see the movie today. Cudnt help after the big ooh la la's by the phirangs and many historians, why do people make a big deal abt history, its a fable, at best, and two people may differ in details and intricacies while writing stories. and for a brit sepoy whose records, were lets say, not accurate or could have fabricated, there would always be multiple thoughts.

The movie has great cinematography, Amir and Rani at their usual best, Amisha does a good HAM job. The real and i mean Reel star is Toby Stepehns with a strong performance as a british army officer, who believes in honesty, truth and fairness, and as shown in the movie and in accordance with some accounts, even fought for the indians during the first war of independence. The real disappointment, even if ever so slight, is Rahman's music, with the title track being ok. His biggest blasphemy is a very strong Bass sound in the mujra number "Tumhari Adao pe mein mari mari", i dont think that Bass guitars were a rage then, if some one knows better, pls tell me

It actually highlights the true aspects of imperialism, blown up or not.Where in to make profit (in some cases, the movie even highlights a breast feeding aya to a young brit, while her own infant makes do with opium) and abuse the natives, to unimaginable extents. Where the movie has really gotten to the phirangs is the part where Hira (Rani's Character) is bought off at a public auction, by a gora to be a nautch girl. While this has infuriated some of the phirangs stiff upper lip junta, it has been mentioned as a integral part of their lifestyle by no less than William Darlymple, in both the City of Djinns and White i dont get whats the big deal. I mean they have for long shown how the white man's word and white man's burden was the philosopher's stone, pure as pure can be. Besides history has been a tale of the winner's forever, and if brit historians wrote their stories, which, had some some unparliamentary references, to say the least, about their own officers, if a indian filmmaker potrays the same on celluloid, whats the big issue, my frds.

What the brits have conveniently forgotten is how he trusts the white man's word and uses the greased cartridge in practice, and at the pure word of the white man (Toby Stephens) , and even the achut in his own village makes fun of it. Something in today's time, comparable to it wud be, u getting cowdung poured all over u. While he has been shown as a kind white man, who even rescues a girl from sati and takes her home, as a mistress or a wife is open to conjecture. The same sepoy leader even testifies citing the integral reasons for the uprising rather than the blatant facts, and is promptly told to shut up by his colleagues and seniors

Look, dont make comparisons, Satyajit and Sandip Ray are different, so are MAK Pataudi and saif ali khan. and they are bloodline, so dont expect Ketan Mehta and Ashutosh Gowarikar to be the same, and pls o pls dont expect a Lagaan out of the movie, Lagaan was a prologue, which highlights how oppresion can hold and enjoin people for the greater good. This movie shows the first real instance of revolt, and maybe there would be a third to show how we got free

forget the reviews and decide for urself. A good one time watch, makes u feel INDIAN, unlike sunny deol.....

Tuesday, August 16, 2005


This is one of the hottest, most controversial and consequentially most debated issues of all.What , when, where , how and anything that can be related to the word has been debated. The kinds that can be recycled and how they can b done and what nots.

but my post is something smaller in stature, my friend, whos a quizzard(many of em are), went to the most famous and longest running and hence the most prestigious quiz in delhi, and guess what questions was he asked, many of which were framed by me. He even kept using the phrase 'Its not over till the fat lady sings' over and over again. This phrase's roots were the q, and he even managed to ask a wrong question that i had made, u can find proof here. Now yours truly wasnt present at the event, but my frd was more than keen to win, and he did, and he even wrote a poem on it, his poetryis open to speculation , though :). And yeah, he posted his moment of magic in a pic too, he's a champion and all the best to him.

My problem is that why o why are not people willing to work a bit and frame their own questions, i mean its not like rocket science or something, doesnt take too long, and with the internet its fast, mayb not as fast as copying but what the hell. and this whole post comes as a result of a chat i had with my frd, it basically went abt our times as quizzards in delhi and the repeats and the qualms and cribs. He used the term Recycled, very ineterestingly, to describe repeats.

my message to people, i m not the lord of all gyaan, but pls try and learn and make new q's from papers, recycling is easy, but its unfair most times. So for the love and the honesty of the game pls call the quiz down the middle and make your own q's.

And pls dont make em up, something u will find here

and u will find it in plenty at this man's quizzes

Monday, August 15, 2005


As the 58th aniversary of our independence is over, and the morning of the 16th dons, i sit here and analyze my existence, my life, the love and the hate and everything else in between.

15 th august, ever since i have been growing up is a day of kite flying, however, for many years, it was a day of rigorous stupidity for studies, and then mayb in the evening go out and fly kites with friends and had our own 'freedom'. The kites would be a reflection of what we wanted our lives to be, free and with lots and lots of space. And yes, for the few hours of petchas and Aai Boos, we felt like kings.

now my life has changed in all so many ways,
my independence seems to vanish in the haze,
but every now and then i feel so insecure
and now i feel i need you like i never done before..
help me if you can im feeling down..........
Im not trying to pull off Lennon or McCaurtney, my message is that life changes, doesnt matter whose life it is, change is the only factor constant. And now the definition of freedom changes for before it meant playing cricket and video games, and being at each other's place all the time and having our own world
After a night of a royal hangover last night due to too much (is there ever??) of drinking, i woke up a bit late and heard from all my frds that they were on the same lines.... But i got up and went over to my old schoolmates place, wher aug 15th is a unofficial gathering to discuss our lives, jobs and whatever lies in the limitless boundaries of dosti. And we had a blast, it was like the old days, in the words of Forrest Gump, we were like Carrots and Peas, though my frds being high was no small contributor. W e talked abt the old days of no worries and howour lives have changed, now its the jhamelas of job, occupations, doing post grads and making a livelihood. While its a part of life or so they say, i miss the old days............

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

The Engineering Redemption

WIth the exams done and dusted as well as the admissions, its time to enter the gheesulands of that most engg colleges are. Great jobs and what nots await the grads, after 4 years. A supposition made at the start of college by one and all, aspirations are aprt and parcel to human nature. If u r a dreamer, only then u become a achiever.

But the world is not all rosy and beautiful as it seems on the surface, i mean there are implications and complications to this world of admissions. Because i study in a reputed (reputation is all it has left) college, with supposedly other 'achievers' , who have spent weeks and days ghissuing and working hard to achieve ends, its a dream that they live.

This is where the trouble starts, for if u get into a top of the list college with a top branch, its all rosy rosy, but if u say mess up either of the tops and go bottom or middle, u have complications. For eg, if u get say electronics or comp in IIT kanpur, ur alrite, but if ur branch is say polymer, env or Civil in DCE, u end up in b/w the devil and the deep sea. u dont get the same oppurtunities as ur illustrious counterparts and ur on the road to struggles. Which is to say that u do end up with a job but its not what u set out for, the money aint great, their is one or the other thing missing. Now i have read a lot of things with people saying that the insti matters, u bet it does, but what u study is more imp, becos insti is a part or ur life for 4 or 5 years, ur degree is a everlast. Our rankings are slipping down ever year, a strong indication of what goes on in college, if there ever was one

all this is a major reflection on a chat i had with my good frd george yesterday, all set to work with a major MNC at a decent pay. The discussion started with our ex-college prez being involved in a paper leak, which has been a major talk of the town of late and has been conveniently swept under the carpets by TOI and HT. Since we both are students of the same college, it means something to us. For if the entrance is rigged, why shouldnt we all contact him and make sure we go about this the best way known. Then the chat went on to other topics, like how our princi talks abt maryaada and bhartiya sanskriti and what nots, the only thing bhartiya is the way the teachers speak english. Nothing else is... wont ever b.... If u ask most teachers to write a recco for GRE, he will write it in english (his version), and if u correct it for errors, he wud still make the same mistakes and hand it back to u. Surely raises our rep in universities abroad :)

The prez was known to the princi and that makes it all the more ironical for all this happened under his nose and he couldnt do shit, since the guy is under CBI custody, he will be back harder (more ways than one) and stronger and more determined, beware Ranjit Don, u have competition.:) if i wrote this in street lingo as it rolls in my head, u wud all b shell shocked

As 'Red' Says in The Shwashank Redemption, "In prison, if they sentence u for life, thats exactly what they take". This college has 'taken' many lives before, mine wont b any different. If i had a choice wud i change my college, NO. Have i njoyed it, bet my ass i HAVE. Will i advice others to join?? No chance in hell......

Monday, August 08, 2005

Whats a Sport??

I have been a sportsman all my life, but my credentials are not comparable to wasim akram or michael schumacher. I have been reasonably good at the games that i have played to put it mildly. I have broken a few window panes and been reminiscent of the best when i used to field at short cover or as a spiker in the game of volleyball... For someone who has had zilch coaching anywhere for any sport, i wud count myself as a achiever... mayb basking in too much self glory but who doesnt

When i entered college, i wasnt a quizzard, no way. Becos i came from a shady school whcih embraced mediocrity and what not, with no room for extra curriculars and all the time shady teachers trying to teach u. THey thought they did a good job, but what i see my other schoolmates r doin, this thought is open to loads and loads of conjectures.But one fine day as we were having a game of cricket in the college grounds with the local villagers (yes), a senior of mine came and scolded all of us for doin what we were doing, as our department had organised a fest and we should all be a part of it, so i told him that i wud finish off the last over and go with him... the quiz was a lonewolf format and i managed 4th out of 6th, with the other 3 eventually being good frds and being my idols as quizzards. So i was happy, that with no experience i had gotten 4th position in my first quiz, didnt get a certi or any cash, the memories are as vivid as ever. and i got to team up with the other 3 a hell of alot and won everything that was there to win

This brings me to the topic at hand, whether its a sport or not?
i think for the good number of quizzes that i have seen in delhi and around north India, cos i have travelled a bit, it sure as hell is a sport. The teams all want a edge over the others, u push ur minds to the limits, and u get decent money which u spend as per your own jurisdiction, and for what its worth, one enjoys it a lot. I always remember what prize i won where and how much fun i had, it never goes away, for this is a world we knw as quizzards. I have even sledged and psyched out my fellow competitors, much to their dismay. Sometimes we have even co operated to make a certain hated team lose on stage, which is reminiscent of match fixing :)

Only one regret, not many girls quiz, and yet less are interested in watching a quiz. Urs truly has had many girl teammates in quizzes and had a good time winning with them, for they were extremely good quizzards and great human beings, humility and politeness personified. but of late there has been a trend where its a all guys thing on stage all the time. One writer in the world of blogdom, even managed to put this to print,u can read it here in detail

im sorry if this sounds petty, but quizzing in girls college is really hilarious, no offence to anyone. For they generally do it on their own, have BAD rounds and talk like they are the alpha and the omega of quizzing in delhi, with rules being as stringent as not being able to open ur mouth on stage. I have even had a -5 on stage for sledging and talking to my pals and a -10, which was eventually cancelled on my exultation after winning a quiz on the last sorry to put this here, for delhi has some great girls colleges and they are more professional in handling this and even get reputed QM's, the fun is when they do it on their own:) anyone who ever quizzed at UG level in delhi wud knw

One gentle man at some quiz in south of india, had this to say, makes me wana puke, but read this
now if as a quizzard, u dont feel embarrased at reading that, contact Mr arora, the wana be quizzard who came on Poty, Poty, Crorepoty :)

If winning honors and getting accolades from everywhere counts as a sport, this sure as hell is one. Yes many of us would switch on hindsight to be a vocalist or a guitarist for a rock band, becos of the female factor, but this is our planet, and it will be our planet of fun, masti and jokes and yes most importantly, prizes........

play on, all i say and bring on the questions

Take the Quiz, its more interesting than any other that i have taken

If u saw kill bill, pls check this out

simply see what u got, very intriguing.

Sunday, August 07, 2005

kaun banega CROREPOTY

I m sorry for the parody of spelling, for as much as i like Mr Bachhan and Synergy, KBC is not something i adore personally. I loved Mr bachan in Amar Akbar Anthony, Chupke Chupke and Anand. With Sarkar he Proves why he is the Gary Sobers of the Indian Entertainment industry.

Today i saw Mr Arora from Delhi who claims to be a quizzard, we al do sometimes. But MR arora is such a dumbass, he says that Hrishikesh Mukherjee made a movie by the name of Surat, and instead chose to let go of anand. Since Amitabh is the Indian Santa Claus on KBC and hands out free money, the hints were given and taken. So he won 20 k or something, my problem is not what he won, but the way the game is packaged.

More than that, if u claim to be a quizzard from delhi, a city known for some legendary names and home to the winners of University Challenge (NSIT) and ICE breaker winners and national runners up (DCE), better back it up with good answers. im not a legend, not a world beater, but respected and admired i am, and i will carry on being this way.If i start writing the great names of the delhi quizzards of old, the print space is too small for most blogs.

Not that they all become Crorepotis, none of them has and probably, none of them will. Speding 6 Rs a minute to play a multiple choice quiz sounds very appealing to many, but not us quizzards,we wud b happy to win a 100 rupee note split four ways than have MR arora say that he is a quizzard.

My request to Star and The CEO, if u wana make a show like this, go ahead, feel free, ask me and i will give questions. what u mustnt do is put Fucked up saas Bahus 4 days and the remaining 3 with poty poty, crorepoty. We need one day for HBO and AXN, History and VH1

for ur primetime pothead audience will watch the Dunce Shows.

Sitcoms and Poetry

very very contrasting names, sitcoms and poetry are not chalk and cheese. I have been watching a lot of TV, way too much in the vacations and have been able to get hold of a few sitcoms, missed out on a few as well. the ones that have made the rounds on popularity and public opinion have been Desparate Housewives and Sex and the city , while the junta's opinions have out numbered mithun movies, i wont waste time for that. wht i wud like to say is that these shows are not urchin and infant shows, neither do they come on pogo, and meant only for a 'select' few.

Yes they are packaged with a lot of sleaze and some spicy chit chats and banter, but what they try and show is the emptiness and voids which are present in people's day to day lives. i was reading some blog somewhere (dunno where) which criticizes them and says they are un indian. I dont really knw whats Indian, to quote Morpheus from the matrix, "what is Indian? how do u define Indian?' Indian means ladies wearing desinger sarees and designer Glycerene on their tears, or Indian means David Dhawan and Manmohan Desai movies. Im not taking a dig at them, for they have great legendary status, but what im sayiing is in a world of cable TV and worldspace, the definition of the Indian has changed. NO, its not sunny deol wearing Baniyans, its the global assimilation and the global influences while indians influence the globe. I was talking to one of my B school buddies once about F.R.I.E.N.D.S., the highlighted spelling is out of admiration cos its a fun show, coming back to the topic at hand, the chat went on to Sex and the City.
He said that its made up, and its phoney. The girls are made to talk like that and present a sleazy image, another frd of mine went on even to say that American life looks good only in sitcoms, which is a bit exaggarated. My meanderings into my thoughts have gone too far. But if u say that Sex and the city is made up, tell me something about Jassi, Yeh meri life hai & Kyuni Saas paida hui, where else in the world wud u find women wearing SHINY clothes, so shiny that i have to spell it in caps, and Crying til the Bombay rains come. i mean, i have never seen a lady i knw cry like that, if anyone has, pls tel it to my lost soul. wht thing on TV is not made up. tell me one show thats real, even the reality TV is phoney. U cant live ur life half an hour a day as most sitcoms show u do. people say WWE is fixed, newspapers used to carry page long columns about how REAL it was. Now i say that steel chairs hitting a skull is more savvy to me than a lady wearing tanihsq jewellry and crying. Im sorry that my family watches them, my sis doesnt. I just feel sorry for those who do? Kyunki i wont see them even if its the last show that i ever see.

No i havent become a poet, i will never b, not that i can think of a time now. But a lot of blogs are dedicated to poetry and been fortunate enough to go theu most of em, some of em are great, some random, and some,to put it most candidly, beyond the realms of my brain. Im not saying they are good or bad, for im no one to say that, what i wana say is what Chris Cornell says; "BE yourself is all that u can do"

Wht is poetry? to some people its abstract words written on paper, to some its jingles and songs. To yours truly, however, poetry is what poetry in motion can be said to be. Which is to say that, i define poetry as an expression of art. poetry is Lance armstrong on a Bike, sachin scoring a hundred, Warney going Round the wicket and turning the ball 3 hands to bowl someone, its watching Pulp fiction, its a Guitarist playing a solo where the rest gape in amazement, its watching Steve Waugh being humble and staying for practises and watching young kids and still signing autographs.

To summarise this best, poetry is Indian Ocean playing a live concert. Its like u knw them personally and u sit at a personal invit closed doors concert while they play their tunes, joking and laughing in between as if they are ur pals

Im no poet, never read much poetry, except for my english courses. What i do knw is poetry is what u can see and experience, rather than what u hear or read!!!!

Comments and criticism welcome

Blogging and the world of Blogdom

Since i have been on the roads for a few days, there have been no updates here. But here i go again and im writing this

Why blogging? why? what sense?
i say why not, since there is a lot of thoughts that criss cross in the maze, in our heads. If they have a vent for which u have to sit in ur chairs and type, i say why not. it makes sense, all the more , if you consider whatever limited time that we have on our hands. Blog and blogdom, as most non geeks say, is a world of geeks. If u agree, lets say, but this is absurd, if u ask me. i mean its a diary entry, a freedom of expression, a thought, an idea, a flash. Now if someone tells me they dont have cravings to release their brains, well, i have got news for u, ur not 'NORMAL'

last post of mine was about the blogs that i have been reading, which have been a lot considering what i used to read, posts ranging from books, to eve teasing to religion to movies to fake QM's. call it what u want , i call this 'Human'.

people say that my blog reads like im bored and m writing for the heck of it, while this is true, cos we r all bored and killing time sometime or the other. what they dont knw is this is how i do it, i dont have many good pals who r neighbors, so staying at home, being honest to oneself is all i do. i also heard as one of pals call me disillusioned, i am that too, im disillusioned about my life, my ambitions and my future, heck im even disillusioned about tommorrow. Dunno what wil happen

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

being mindless and reading other blogs

Its really fascinating the amount of web space being devoted to blogs with evryone i knw atleast writing 1 blog min, sometime the number goes upto 7. What can i say, guess its a new kind of anger management. with more n more n yet more people using blogdom to kill boredom, i think its a new digital excuse for killing time and being urself. While i have been doin a whole lot of blogging and blog reading, i have come across some fascinating posts about movies, cellphones, headbanging and what have u's. The top of the tops has been my useless friend (now thats what we call each other), who did a research, a study of all the things u wanted to knw but never dared to ask about this

others have been about worries, jhamelas, bhasoodis, and what have u's. While the most satisfying and fun post has been this
if this post was a movie, it wud star the who's who of hollywood's all time greats. Names can be speculated all u want but u wont speculate the truth, as Nathan Jessop says in A few good men, " you cant handle the truth".

there was one old buddy of mine who researched on, hold ur horses, headbanging

now if that doesnt make u nod ur head what else would
So i suggest that u download the songs, if u cant do that go and get yahoo launch cast, if u dont have either, ask ur "fast internet connection" pal to get it for u :).

Conjectures of a degenerated soul

after my holidays have gotten over, i am somewhat lost in translation over when to go to college because, get this, my teachers haven't shown. Proud as my college is, there was a greater sense of pride infused in to us after we were able to find out how a ex student working in Maruti ,cud get a turnover of 1 crore per month, baffles me. i mean this is absurd.

people have put in their sweat and blood to get into this institution with a proud history and then we have some wise ass outsmarting the system. i had always heard of this shit and thought of it as a hoax, merely to create a macguffin by those who were not as successful as they thought they should have been. While this is true of human nature, people trying to BUY their way to a engineering degree. and the court punishments are not serious enough, they will be booked under 420 at most and will be out on bail before u knw it.

we have a proud history of paper leaks in the country with IIT (97) and DCE (97 & 05), Cat (2003) and each time there is a new 'Messiah' of sorts.. For a country like ours these people prevail for the one simple reason that we are governed more by the fear of failure than the desire and the hope to succeed.

i wish all of us well and hope the next exam we sit for is fair

Monday, August 01, 2005

Show me HOW to live

a song that holds great relevance to me and my life right now..... i think it does to all of us

And with the early dawn moving right along,
I couldn't buy an eyeful of sleep.
And in the aching night under satellites,
I was not received.
Built with stolen parts,
A telephone in my heart,
Someone get me a priest,
To put my mind to bed.
This ringing in my head,
Is this a cure ,
Or is this a disease?
Nail in my hand,
From my creator.
You gave me life now,
Show me how to live.
And in the afterbirth on the quiet earth,
Let the stains remind you,
You thought you made a man.
You better think again,
Before my role defines you
And in your waiting hands I will land
And roll out of my skin.
And in your final hours I will stand,
Ready to begin.
Ready to begin.
Ready to begin.
Ready to begin.

a song that i recall

since i have misplaced the song CD, the lyrics is all i remember, its one of the all time fav's of mine.... A song that i think of when i think of beauty

How many special people change
How many lives are living strange
Where were you when we were getting high?
Slowly walking down the hall
Faster than a cannon ball
Where were you while we were getting high?
Some day you will find me
Caught beneath the landslide
In a champagne supernova in the sky
Some day you will find me
Caught beneath the landslide
In a champagne supernova
A champagne supernova in the sky

Wake up the dawn and ask her
whyA dreamer dreams she never dies
Wipe that tear away now from your eye
Slowly walking down the hall
Faster than a cannon ball
Where were you when we were getting high?
Some day you will find me
Caught beneath the landslide
In a champagne supernova in the sky
Some day you will find me
Caught beneath the landslide
In a champagne supernova
A champagne supernova in the sky

Cos people believe that they’re
Gonna get away for the summer
But you and i, we live and die
The world’s still spinning round
We don’t know whyWhy, why, why, why
How many special people change
How many lives are living strange
Where were you when we were getting high?
Slowly walking down the hall
Faster than a cannon ball
Where were you while we were getting high?

Some day you will find me
Caught beneath the landslide
In a champagne supernova in the sky
Some day you will find me
Caught beneath the landslide
In a champagne supernova
A champagne supernova in the sky

Cos people believe that they’re
Gonna get away for the summer
But you and i, we live and die
The world’s still spinning round
We don’t know whyWhy, why, why, why

How many special people change
How many lives are living strange
Where were you when we were getting high?
We were getting high
We were getting high
We were getting high
We were getting high
i did nt write the song but i wish that i did............

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