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Friday, April 14, 2006

Where do we go???

So the government is hell bent on implementing the bill, and its only a temporary lull before the 'storm'. come to think of it, after a few animated and heated discussions with family, I was told that they needed the 'reservation' as they will never improve. Granted, the condition of some of them is sad beyond the realm of words, but what is worse is that this new 'bill' won't change a thing. Since the poorest of the blesseth OBC's won't be able to afford coaching or even a school, or for that matter, won't be able to cope with the pressures of higher education. What the government is trying to do is sow the seeds to take India backwards to a couple of thousand years back.

What Caste System??
Quite frankly, I didn't even know what caste system really meant till I reached the entrance levels, and was asked to mention a category in the forms. Quite sadly, as it turns out and will continue to do so, I belong to the high class khatris, which means, that I won't ever have any chips to cash. On the other hand, I feel relieved that I will have to earn my keeps, and not be a 'son-of'god', the pride in my family name shall stay forever, and thank goodness for that.

Picture this, in the hayday of the caste era, if one shook hands or ate with a low caste shudra, he would be deemed untouchable. So for all practical purposes, I am a untouchable. But since I don't have a caste certificate, and the government is looking to move 'ahead', I am not deemed eligible for one. Hon'ble (what a joke) ministry of HRD, if you want to have your cake, please dont eat it at the same time, and in this case, they have a red cherry on top as well.

Moreover, I don't really think that there is any remains of a caste system in the big cities. The brahmins of today, don't read scriptures all day, me and my kin don't ride horses and carry swords into battle, and most definitely, all the baniyas don't run shops. So theoretically, if there is no caste system, there shouldn't be a need for reservations. There are only two caste systems today, the blesseth sons-of-god and the unlucky frigging idiots like us, who want to make a difference in this country.

The Cause
How many of the 'privelaged' give back to their community??? I have not seen one case, where a SC/ST member has tried to support anyone from his immediate family, let alone the commuinty. And better still, they have scolarships waiting for them as soon as they enter a branded insti, and sometimes for passing their exams as well. And trust me, they do need it. Not, in no way, however to complete and support their education, to fill up their pockets, drink and eat at expensive joints, and yeah to buy those swanky cars and gadgets. and did I mention, they don't need to produce a category certificate if they want to listen to Led Zeppelin, or any of their 'hindi' favorites. So why are they not required to wear their certificates and a badge, when they go out and buy groceries, since we are moving backwards, we should be made to do it properly. So, if a sweeper's son, as was the practice, has to study, he must earn his keep by carrying excreta and garbage on his head. And a cobbler's son must also be subjected to the fate of his father. However, this ain't always true, because those who cash in their 'category' chips are always living in 'hep' areas like Chanakya puri, Asiad, and Panchkuain to name a few. And so much so, for upliftment.

A few more examples of the above, Laloo Prasad Yadav's cricket and soccer team, are already at it, and Jagjivan Ram's daughter became a civil servant using their blue chips. And picture poor old Kiran Bedi, who unfortunately got caught, trying to pull a few strings to get her daughter to be a doc.

Their so called 'Leaders' live in houses not seen since the days of ancient senators from the greek and roman civilizations, and next election comes, and then next, and another, and they are voted back to power. In case of Bihar, the true land which defines India, more than half the MP's come from the state. Infact, William Darlymple's The Age of Kali, carries full length chapters on the state, describes it articulately and perfectly, thus-

"Bihar was the state where the Buddha attained his enlightenment 2000 years ago and that was the last bit of good news to come out of the state."

The surviving saint patron of the Nehruvian socialism and 'Fabian' policy, by his own admissions, is a semi-literate prick and the homemaker of all Bihar, Rabri, well, don't waste blogger space about her.

The Reality
The only way these 'Candidates' screw up their exams is when they can't write their names properly. Trust me, this happens. So for example, one person from my class, scored a 88 percentile in CAT this year, and he filled up his category as 'general'. 88 didn't fetch him any calss this time round, only because he shot himself. To quote Vinnie Jones from Snatch, "You cannot underestimate the predictability of stupidity'.

If the centre thinks they are abolishing anything, they can't be more mistaken. When the party president is a foreigner of sorts, she can't understand the plight of the country. Even Nehru was against this, or so we are told. Increasing seats will not help anyone, indeed, it gives us the same sort of chance, since the overall seats remain the same. But what about the faculty student ratio, heck, who cares?? The politicians never took a entrance, don't think they ever prepared for one, and I don't think their children would know. Its a plight of the middle class, the ones who want to do something, but don't always get what they want.

They are ashamed, ostensibly to roam about. They even lie about their ranks, and categories. One such instance, from my own class. A lady said that her rank was 1050, and that year the admissions closed at 981 for the gen category. And her name, predictably so, was nowhere to be seen in the list.

Define OBC
The constitution was ironically enough, drafted by a son-of-god himself. So he left plenty in the treasury for his descendants to loot from. And I don't think many of them would know who he actually was. Anyways, the definition of OBC varies from state to state. YES. So a Baniya in Bihar is a OBC, which is not true in any other state. So we shall soon have people hopping borders to get certificates, alas that day seems a few moments away.

So If you are a high-class Brahmin, pray that god forgoes his own children and this bill doesn't go through. The rest of us, can hang on to something tantalisingly useless yet our only chance, HOPE HOPE HOPE.


Blogger GREATBONG said...

As I pointed out on my post on the topic, there is really not one cogent, logically self-sustained argument once can make for reservations---not one. And that too for a vague demographic like OBC---the same caste is OBC in one state and not in another. Which is funny considering the fact that when the "oppression" was going on (pre-independent India), they were all the same state !

Fri Apr 14, 12:02:00 PM  
Blogger Nikhil said...

Pata nahi how do you define a 'high class brahmin' but I'm praying nonetheless. Afterall it's our hereditary job...and probably an alternative career option given the circumstances.

Fri Apr 14, 10:04:00 PM  
Anonymous kiddo said...

good one

get this published in jam or smthg

Sat Apr 15, 05:03:00 AM  
Anonymous kiddo said...

good one

get this published in jam or smthg

Sat Apr 15, 05:03:00 AM  
Blogger almost_useless said...

@greatbong- very true sir, though in ur post people have raised other issues to the fore, and left this languishing, IMHO.

OBC is a BS concept, trust me, some of my OBC buds have started handing out sweets soon as this came out.

@nikhil-bhagwan ke ghir mein der hai andher nahi

@kiddo, thx for the good word, will try

Sat Apr 15, 06:44:00 AM  
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