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Sunday, December 04, 2005

What do i Say

No blogging sadly in a while, nothing to do, exams, paranoid me, and what have you. things do take a back seat. Reading has been alrite, considering the amount that i do read. Read about mrinal sen and his take on his life and works, quite a astonishing chap that he is the book was even better, genius is genius is all i can say. And ofcourse, if you win the book as a prize, its treasured even more. Then there was the man himself, satyajit ray, started reading a book on him, still in progress, will see how that turns out. Watch this space for more.

However, this has just been lukewarm in a sad and disappointing time, with nothing of note going on, apart from exams. I did manage to get hold of Audioslave, live in Cuba, on DVD, and well, was disappointed to say the very least. Here is a true supergroup , if ever there was one, with impeccable and flawless music, almost surreal lyrics and great vocals. Did i say great vocals, you gotta be kidding!!! Check the DVD out and you would know, somehow the vocals have come off very badly, almost besura. Yours truly, who hero worships the band, was not happy.

I dont really know what to say, apart from the fact that i hope they get better sound on their next record, and better sound on their next live show, if that is gonna happen. Lets see, as i always say, i hope

in other news, exams will get over soon, and then a few days of rest and a lot of travel beckons, lets see how that works.....


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