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Saturday, December 24, 2005

Long time no see

i have been travelling, 10 days or so now, half of my tour done, chlling, thrilling, and laying back, catching up with all those i can't leave behind, making new friends along the way,meanwhile. It has been a lot of fun, yes, though, it has taken its toll, tired i type, broke i sit. But tommorrow is a new day, and new beginnings beckon.

Went down to NLS and bangalore for a while, barring the lingo of the people, the complete lack of knowledge of their own city and the traffic, phenomenal place, my trip was of course made a lot easier by the friends, the ever flowing daaru and much more which is beyond the scope of this post. As i have read, the indi blogger awards are being announced, all the best to those who are nominated and those who finally get top honors.

I cannot miss the true spirit and the competetive spirit of the lit events down in bangalore, the way its done and the good humored banter which carries on.. Amazingly, these are things which have been erased off the map in the parts that i have been in, and i dont really understand why. Anyways, one more thing, for a change, and a comforting one at that, NLS wont allow their own teams to participate in the lit events, exemplary as this sounds. A good example for 'some' of us.

The train to bombay was a long, exhausting, tiring and interesting one. Had good fun reading Seabiscuit, an epic true story, well researched and the true epitome of all of american civilization so to speak. The ray book has become a holy crusade which refuses to end, and will hopefully be conquered. A few light hearted MAD comics have come in handy, which i am sad to say, some of my old acquaintences have no idea of. But the old dudes are still the Right Stuff, and its fun catching up and talking of old times, and the usual mumbo jumbo.

In other news, the deteriorating Indian Metal scene keeps going from bad to worse, with PDV doing punglish ( punjabi english) cover versions, and their originals sound more like Johnnny johnny yes papa, with somebody blowing the utensils in the background. SAD, plain simple sad, is all i have to say about that.

I had a discussion with one of my teachers once upon a time, on how these software firms like to keep hold of their employees, and they throw up parties and what nots, where one can invite their friends, and kin. I went to one of those parties a few hours back and got a fair idea of what he meant. I dont wana hurt anyone's sensibilities and everything, but i am perplexed to say the very least which i dont usually do.

A borrowed laptop means that i will have to keep the story short and sweet, and will look to more frequent posts, soon, as they say.

Sunday, December 04, 2005

What do i Say

No blogging sadly in a while, nothing to do, exams, paranoid me, and what have you. things do take a back seat. Reading has been alrite, considering the amount that i do read. Read about mrinal sen and his take on his life and works, quite a astonishing chap that he is the book was even better, genius is genius is all i can say. And ofcourse, if you win the book as a prize, its treasured even more. Then there was the man himself, satyajit ray, started reading a book on him, still in progress, will see how that turns out. Watch this space for more.

However, this has just been lukewarm in a sad and disappointing time, with nothing of note going on, apart from exams. I did manage to get hold of Audioslave, live in Cuba, on DVD, and well, was disappointed to say the very least. Here is a true supergroup , if ever there was one, with impeccable and flawless music, almost surreal lyrics and great vocals. Did i say great vocals, you gotta be kidding!!! Check the DVD out and you would know, somehow the vocals have come off very badly, almost besura. Yours truly, who hero worships the band, was not happy.

I dont really know what to say, apart from the fact that i hope they get better sound on their next record, and better sound on their next live show, if that is gonna happen. Lets see, as i always say, i hope

in other news, exams will get over soon, and then a few days of rest and a lot of travel beckons, lets see how that works.....

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