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Sunday, November 06, 2005

Glory Glory Man United

After a failed attempt at writing this post, i start afresh. Since my yahoo and Gmail accounts have been hacked quite inexplicably and unbelievably, i have been in a not so goody mood. So i had to create a fresh account and what not, but i have survived and so i shall continue to do. After about 9 days off, its finally time to go back to college tommorrow, and i am not really looking forward to it, i mean who does??

Anyways, after a drab holiday week, and India somehow firing in cricket, it was time for another drab sunday, and another game, and another day of BAD telivision. Ofcourse, the rest of it stayed the same, but the evening game of Man U v Chelsea lived upto its billing, if not more. Hardly have i ever seen a more competitive game, with fierce tackles, closing down, desparation, scrapping, this game had it all. Ofcourse there was grea football too, quality beyond the realm of any words. After a wretched week, Man U won, their goal led a charmed life throughout the game and more so in the second half, with Chelsea pretty much throwing it all at them, including the kitchen sink and the bath tub. They continued to fight, and surive, the hero, was the unlikeliest of them all, Darren Fletcher, a young scot, who is often overrated, sometimes underrated & overly criticised, pullled off a missile like header, which loooped and dipped over the defenders and goalie alike into the corner. That was all that was needed apart from the good luck. Crisis it was for a week, drubbing and a sad result in europe meant that much too much was written even before a ball was kicked.

Anyways, the indian team flattered and decieved in the same game, the usual, as they say, but today shall be the day when Fergie finally beat Jose Mourinho, something that he had failed to do in the last 6 games, and kudos to Sir Alex and the boys.....

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