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Sunday, February 19, 2006

The day that was

Yesterday was a long day, not as long as the one before, however. Organizing a quiz with numbnuts is a bit tough, so yours truly had to do it all, right from framing the questions, to checking the elims, and the usual running around for lights etc. I dont believe we have to use OAT as a venue all the time, why not do it in a class, or expo. I hope they learn. Btw, the quiz lived upto all the hype with NSIT and LHMC winning on the last question and DCE was second, and a mixed team from north campus rocked the second half to come in at third. All those who had asked for the q's have been mailed all of them barring the video clips. Enough said.

So we come to yesterday, a great great day, more ways than one. I finally got to go out with
the phoenix. Yes, she is the scarier out of the two of us, but a gem of a person she is, and ofcourse, the doc, who has become famous in blogdom for the blogwars she had once fought. It was supposedly my treat for winning the IMS quiz, and i hope you guys had a great time. I did, for sure. And my recent explorations with tobbacco, and the experimentation was not full recieved, but in time i shall leave that too, or so i believe.

After a lot of maar-Dhaad , me and the doc decided to push off to GIR, the annual 'extravaganza' of Indian rock, as close to woodstock as you can get in this country. And yesterday was a great day, with three out of the six bands putting up great shows. Zero, the baap of all indian bands, admittedly weren't at their best, with Warren showing signs of rust after seven months out of the country, and Rajiv even said that the solos were 'Fuck-all'. The best band of the day had to be Cassini's Division, being from the land of Satyajit Ray, ekdum Bhaalo. I have not seen a more versatile sounding band in the Indian scene, and the vocalist with his rapcore influences, caught my eye. Their EP is not out yet, i hope to buy it soon. Another band of note was prestorika, who have had a lineup change of sorts with JD and the Joy out, Lokesh kicked ass though, and i think he would win best guitarist easily. All this while, thedoc, me and a couple of other special pals were sitting, and we had a blast, and we even got to smell the best quality weed possible. So much so, that the doc got a headache, while yours truly had the feeling of what have i left behind. It was a lot of fun, and the UK Band also entertained, been a while since i saw a band with three guitarists.

Phew, thedoc is out of town for a while, so no more meetings or rock shows for a while. I hope to keep writing, btw, someone mail IMS and find out abt our TV show being aired. Please.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Dont look Back in Anger

A lot , and a hell of a lot has happened since i posted last. Ok, musharraf and Manu Paaji still rule, but things are different. Almost a month and a half of vacations has meant more chilling and more doing nothing. Now that my only interview is out of the way, back to some serious blogging. Aint that something in itself?

Okay, so some of the followers ( i know its hard) of this space, have come to know through people that we happened to win the IMS quiz delhi round, and on a bit of stupid judgement, ended up second best in the national finals, which has led yours truly to believe that i am always destined to be the eternal runner up, those magic 10 points, alas.

This however, takes none of the credibility off from our worthy competitors in the delhi round, and the national finals too. We were pushed to the limits and beyond in the delhi round and a bit of good luck and inspired buzzing helped us scrape through with the skin of our teeth, and literally that only. As we had told by none other than Mr Handa, that we dont have a chance if IIT D shows up. Well, we did beat them and admittedly, we needed a bit of luck to do that.

And we did qualify as the highest scorers in the elims, not scraping thrrough as some of the other zonal winners did. The finals were a case of hard luck and bad choices, still we managed to push IIT M to the last question, a feeling unknown to most zonal winners. Bofi was his effervescent best as usual, during the quiz, and afterwards as well, during the cocktail & dinner party, where us, IIT M and a dear friend who had allegedly 'tipped' us as favorites, sat and savored the great evening.Bofi's partner in crime, Rohit, also had a thing or two to say which people usually do after three screwdrivers down and he also liked the way yours truly tells stories. Will tell more in future, i say. It would have been nicer to have other teams and come share some thoughts and have a drink with us, but they were getting a masterclass in gyaan, or so it seemed. As some of the teams i had met before, all those i had the pleasure of meeting that day, cheers to you all.

Thanx a lot to neha, my team and the pople who supported us throughout the delhi round, even when we were second last, after half the quiz had been done and dusted. Beatzo, the great, had his words of encouragement and well, being the champion that he is, means a lot to me.

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