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Sunday, April 16, 2006

59 years

Yeah, we are approaching 59 years of independence, so i thought we should have a look at what we have achieved. Not in terms of economy, but socially and politically.

The recent OBC bill has more than raised a few eyebrows, with people going on hunger strikes and threatening immolations. Noble gestures, and peaceful indeed, following the lead of Mahatama Gandhi. The 'father of the nation', and the godfather of 'Harijans'. He created a nation without a state religion, and based on all utopian fundas that one could hope for. And meanwhile he picked up BR Ambedkar as his protege, who one fine day decided that India needed reservation for the opressed. Granted, for 10 years, in higher education, and wherever. Turn to 1990, the era of globalization and liberalisation, or so we are told. VP Singh decided that the country could still accomodate these sons-of-god, and made reservation in jobs. Swell.

And turn to 2006, the Hon'ble minister of HRD, Arjun Singh, sold all his honor out, and decided to increase the reservation. Not by 1, 2 or 10%, a meagre 27%. Which now implies that practically 2 out or 4, or every 2nd person would ride the government. You can draw stories, and annomalies and all that jazz, but this is shear spit in the face of the middle class and the hard working 'Indian'. A term which i feel disgusted to use. YES, they have been opressed for 5000 years, but isn't 60 years of charity enough. They may constitute 70% of the population, but the government hasn't even done its homework. They should have had a look at the number of 'factory' products which are under the age of 18 and then they would have had a horror. Because at the rate they reproduce, they shall increase in numbers, always. And one can't be too vocal about this, because, get this, they are constitutionally protected. So if you call a SC/ST/OBC ( i prefer calling them sons-of-god, he does produce miracles) names, and you are too vocal about it, you can be punished legally, probably because the cop would have his hands tied.

This Meena community has a tale in itself, many legends have been heard. So i shall publish what I believe to be true. They had someone initially in the Lok Sabha, and he supported the govt. on some issue, provided they classify them as ST's. He had 10 seats. The govt. just bent over. And after 59 years, they are the ones studying in the IIT's, IIM's and DCE's of this world. And what has the govt. done for the ones who work in their native areas as servants, zilch. They actually are from a region called Meena in Rajasthan and trust me when I say this, every family out there has a child studying in IIT or IIM and even Civil Servants galore. Sometimes the honors are split amongst the same family.

And they are only one of the many sons-of-god sponsored by the Centre. So if he goes out to buy a Nokia, why doesn't the govt. see it fit that he gets the phone at 1/4th the price, which is roughly the marks he scored to study there. This is not a potshot at them, trust me, they deserve much worse, for all the caste politics they play when they join college. Their are way too many instances, but that shall be discussed some other time.

Reservation is fundamentally wrong. Picture this, if you are born out of any of the protected categories, your troubles begin as soon as you are born. Primary,secondary,higher and all forms of education, you have to fight for every inch, because someone else may be willing to give up all he knows for that inch. And then there is the small small matter of a livelihood. So you 'perform or perish', which ironically enough, is also a Mahatama Gandhi slogan.

And now the protected class, you are born, welcome to the free world. You start from school, you have a seat waiting, join college, another seat, higher education, another seat, and Public Sector jobs, another seat. Promotion, another seat, and sometimes dual promotion, due to the experience factor. So, if you and a SOG(son of god) are appointed together, 'you bet your life', as Uncle Sam said, the SOG is the odds on favorite to rise through the ranks and retire at a higher post. And it doesn't end there, soon he will reproduce aka Fibbonacci's Rabbits, and then his children follow the path of the righteous soul. And if someone can still justify RESERVATION, please in the name of the lord, go immolate yourself, you are a waste of keyboard space.

Those who are in favor relate this to the American Civil rights movement. Analyze this, shall we. The civil rights movement started about 200 years after Lincoln decided to abolish slavery, and they had just causes like segregation and racial discrimination. Besides, they had by that time produced JC Owens, Jackie Robinson, and many others. And they had Malcolm X and MLK Jr. So U2 decided to write 'Pride' for MLK.

Come to modern India, 60 years, lots of govt. jobs, digging teeth into the treasury, posh govt.houses, promotions and all those issues later, they want more. I don't think they have done enough for the country, or they are segregated, say, when Mark Knopfler or Brian Adams tour India. Heck, they even get govt passes for Cricket and hockey games. They are allowed to sit in restaurants, and I bet my useless existence on this, they have more cash to spare then we do. General Category constitutes rougly 1/4th to 1/3rd of the population, say 30 %. So its not justified that we produce the top-notch engineers. Granted. But this 30 % give up everything they know when they study for JEE and CAT, and i don't think any of the reserved junta knows the feeling. If you have something waiting for you, your time will come. But when sweat bloood and tears don't add up, thats when it means something.

Besides, the leaders of the opressed, have filled up their pockets enough. SO anyone in the right frame of mind won't compare MLK to LP Yadav, Ram Vilas Paswan or Sushree Mayawati (as she likes to be called). And I hope I don't live to see the day that a band writes a song for them. Has the govt. ever ordered a detailed investigation into the fodder scam of the railway minister, who managed to deduct people's pay for being late to work. And Mayawati can afford swanky chateaus in Delhi of the order of 20 crores, which probably has been scammed out of the treasury anyway.

They are not clear in their minds what they want, I know of Haryana, and quite a bit since i stay in Delhi. The agricultural income is tax free. So basically, all you earn is yours. And when you make Ayurvedic medicines, the tax is 30%. SO to practise your ancient science, you need to pay up. But to be a OBC and cultivate, you are protected by the state. And they have gotten the OBC status under the gazillionth amendment brought up by some 'Tau' in the parliament. So Ram Vilas Paswan who openly supports SC, being one himself, opposes OBC!!!!!!. What a cabinet??

I recently saw Crash. Its a look into LA of today, and how they are haunted by ignorance, and how the cosmopolitan nature of the city has practically become its biggest problem. A brilliant movie, worthy of any award. So blacks are still called niggars, and all hispanics are Mexicans, whether they are from Puerto Rico, all middle easterns and central asians are Arabs. Anyways, after all that Jazz, i wondered and pondered, on the reservation for African Americans in Jobs, and Matt Dillon's dialouge in the movie summed it up. I dont remember it verbatum, went something like,

"I can't help but wonder over the five worthy white people who didn't get a job because of you, and i hope i am wrong about this. My father worked as a ganitor all his life, he hired your kinds and paid them equal wages for 20 years. Until the county decided that it was time to give the contract to a black man, and he lost all he had in one night."

NOW, I don't ever remember seeing anyone or using any such lingo myself. And trust me, my blood does boil, when i think of the people who could have made it, myself included, to a IIT, if a SOG won't have been blocking them. It worked out just fine for me, but for the others, it wasn't so ominous. They were left to study in DU, or the flourishing engg colleges in OBC Jaatland of Haryana and the OBC Jatland of Punjab. But i havn't called a SC any names, not becaue i violate the law, or maybe because deep down I know its wrong, wronger than sex, drugs and alcohol:)

My grandfather was literally thrown out of his house following partition, he came to India with 2 rupees in his pocket. As per the formative rules, and using some connections, he could have gotten a certi. But he chose not to, instead, he did what a self-respecting man does. And yes, we may not be filthy stinking rich, but god does enough for us. Allegedly, he is the same god whose children roam the free world.

Besides, what are you going to achieve by producing undeserving engineers and managers, since the field is eventually narrowed down to that. But the bigger catch is left out. Suppose I have a kid tommorrow and I can't afford a private hospital, so I go to a govt. hospital, does the govt. guaran-damn-tee that some unmeritorious SOD won't fuck up the baby. And someone working as a doctor, can even give the wrong drug and end someone's life. It may be a nice way to manage the population, but its not right.

Soon, me and my kind shall 'Walk the Earth'. That, trust me, is all we can do. Soon their will be women's bill, a Muslim bill, a Christian bill, a Buddhist bill and what have you. The women's bill is a story in itself, with some now praying that its passed so that they atleast have a shot. When I asked them, they also categorically said 'no'. they don't want to use charity. And one of my aunts said they had lost their mind, considering they even needed seats in buses to sit upon. Seating in buses to prevent eve-teasing is one thing, and charity is another. This I shall hope to discuss in future, sometime.

And if you are a beneficiary, and you think its personal, you are too damn right. It sure is. Trust me, you shall stay where you are, IIT won't weave its magic upon thee and transform you into a charmed prince from the rotten frog that you are. Plain and simply, you didn't deserve this, and so you shall know.

To end, simply, I feel like a Nigger, no disrespect. Soon people will make a mockery of the general category, and sooner, the OBC certificate holders are handing out sweets, for them, a IIM of their choice beckons next year. Where are my rights? Is my 'Merit' just not good enough? For us, we have a god, unfortunately, he is their father, tough luck, mate.


Anonymous a disillusioned baniya said...

i'll say what i said earlier. what we ned is the general category to take a stand.
why do u think the govt is handing out reservations as they were going out of style. for the simple reason that it is an election year and they need the votes.
we cant blame the govt alone , the general cat too is at a fault. we are too laid back to do anything. u call a ss a shaddu n the entire country will be pelted down by them. so why cant the entire gen cat stand together and make this the one and only election issue and make suret hat the govt knows it. state it out in plain and openly that no vote for this govt if this bills comes thru. the r cat may be 70% of the pop , but considering the no. of their pop under 18 , we'll probably out number them. so take a stand , n do go out and VOTE.
prayers, petotions and protests wont take us anywhere, if the politicians are hell bent upon making a joke of the democracy and the consti, we have to fight them at their own game. thankfully, everybody still has only one vote whether a g cat or a r cat.
and as for them gettin the reservation in iit , iim i dont think it will get them anywhere as the brand value of iit n iim is coz the pvt companis want the ppl there and they want them coz they r the best in the country. as soon as they will be filled up with the not-so-meritirious variety they'll lose their value too. so it wont get them anywhere but it will bring an end to the most prestigious insstis of the country.
a clear case of 'akele nahi doobenge tumhe bhi saath leke doobenge'
and since these ppl r paying the price of having been poutcasts for so long by taking what is the due of others , why dont we atleast make them feel like what it actually is to be an outcast..why the hell dont we boycott these ppl?..since we are headed back into the caste system . lets do it with full feel. the govt is doing its bit ,lets do ours.
by providing them reservation, the govt is probably openly admitting what is true ..that they dont and cant have it in them to compete with the higher caste people as far mental level is concerned whether after 5000 or 50 years. maybe our ancestors had something going when they put them to the most menial jobs. maybe thats all they are capable of doing without reservation!

Sun Apr 16, 09:11:00 PM  
Blogger SudhirChauhan said...

agree with ur thoughts ..
sent u a mail too but
ur mail id is bouncing

it says...DISABLED???


Sun Apr 16, 10:12:00 PM  
Blogger kaveri said...

hey i totally agree with u bt feels dat its some where our fault we vote for dese politicians nd dont come out to protest juz try to do away wid our duty by sending sms nd mails instead of this we shud come out on roads nd dis time we shud nt burn ourselves bt these petty politicians .let us see whetehr these son of god protect dem or not

Mon Apr 17, 01:57:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You feel very very strongly... about reservation and perhaps more about the ones who will be reserved.

man... are we upto some sort of armageddon...

i remember at Roorkee (now IIT) when we had REE there was one more quota called Alumini Quota... the people who used it were supposed to be general category people...

if at all they were very intelligent why did they use it, didn't they know that it is wrong. why don't u shout against them.

as a child we learn whatever we are told. we are told that it is right to inherit property from our father so we do. we are told it is wrong to steal so we don't.
so if someone is told that it is right to use reservation to enter college then he would do that. but there's something in them which tells them after going there that something somewhere is wrong thats why perhaps they try to hide it.

so u think they are responsible for population.
u think give them 5000 years n they won't be able to compete with u...
don't force me into examples dude... of the people who have not used reservation just because they feel it is wrong n they don't need it.

i understand ur anger against reservation but i don't understand the words u have used against people concerned based on caste.

perhaps i am shouting at wrong people, perhaps i am fighting aginst wrong government.

they all will do their jobs... govt.. reservation, the so called generals.. abuses, and the so called backwards.. using it...

Thu Apr 20, 03:50:00 AM  
Blogger almost_useless said...

@ A disillusioned baniya- well said all the way, wish there was a party which would do what all u said, till then we have to be mellow. And probably our ancestors were right.

@sudhirchauhan- will get my mail working, try and get more people to pour in their thoughts.

@kaveri- yeah, we do suck when it comes to our own country

@anon1- you sound like you have a soft spot for them, i could really give two shits less. So IIT roorkee had a alum quota, big deal. Atleast they had to protect some seats for the people who made it to IIT roorkee, not like the beggars from category, who have been sleeping around with our motherland, bloodsucking privelages, and still want to use their population as a just cause for nonsense.

AND IN THE NAME OF THE LORD, keep your child theory out of this. My parents never said a ill word about anyone, not even their most ardent enemy, they certainly had better things to think about than some bloody parasites. MAYBE YOUR PARENTING WAS SPECIAL, hence all the mushy mushy thoughts about them.

so u believe in social justice and giving them 5000 years. I say, you are crazy. firstly, if u dont have to get off ur bum to make a living, u wont, and certainly i wont. and secondly, if u think this is social justice, i shall make a new set of ruels. SOmething like the punishment for murder would be a shot at murdering any of ur enemies, since ur enemy has started the fire, samt thing for rape and robbery. I dont mind a INdia that has all that. Certainly, this is the only thing missing.

'They will do their jobs'= You think, then why didnt u tell the govt??? thats what they have been waiting to hear, i think they just about do their jobs, considering their passout rate and the free jobs awaiting them. And i know of more people who declined reservation, but i know of a lot more who have made it a legacy. SO that point shall be left under wraps

besides, if u think u can be a spokesman, why the hell do u have to annonymous?? maybe you have been cashing ur cheques too, eh!!!

Thu Apr 20, 10:44:00 AM  
Blogger Neeraj said...

oh dear i must say u've got loads of grudges against 75% of ur country...

i don't blame u, its not ur fault. just that u can be a bit more wise at your approach.

sorry for my anonymous face, i just didn't want u to write something as offensive as this in my blog.

i wud say i have grudges against those handful people who are doing this to us. our politicians... each and everyone of them.

i used to carry respect for our prime minister before all this happened, but i no longer carry any such feeling.

i was surprised by ur alumini quota theory.. u want to see some bloody son of NRI getting no more than 10% of what u got in exam study with you flaunting that his dad was passout of same Institute and his whole generation would be.
my dear friend, to remind u the truth, Hans Albert didn't write Theory of Relativity Part II..
i m sure it would have been surprising for u coz he's son of albert einstein.

i don't beileve in giving them 5000 yrs or something... just that i believe many of them can shatter ur illusion that u are more intelligent than them.

and this is the reason why i hate reservation, i don't believe they need it. when they take admissions in primary school nobody asks u what caste they are so why don't they follow the usual path to success and why do they need these crutches... and if somebody does ask caste then he doesn't have rights to oppose reservation, he is the reason why they still talk of reservation.

wake up dude, u're in 21st century...

n don't worry about my identity or what i am doing. think about urself... what productive are u doing to stop this bullshit besides writing meaningless frowns in blog...

i m sure u know of

u can visit to see what we are planning to do.

join hands to oppose this evil called reservation but not with attitude what u have.

Sat Apr 22, 02:37:00 AM  
Blogger almost_useless said...

@neeraj- Dude, dont get me wrong. Maybe i dont mince with words, maybe i was born this way. But u n i do agree that reservation is evil and must be uprooted.
Howvere, when i see the children of servants being denied an education, becos they can't afford vaguely reasonable coaching or even schools, its gets my goat. I Dont want to be offensive to anyone, i just believe that this is total bullshit. i believe it to be a cause woth fighting for, i believe its a cause worth dying for. MY PASSION AND INTENT doesnt end with words.

You, me and millions of others all agree that reservation is bullshit. The govt. wants these guys to be uplifted, use economic criterion, not this shit.

The 'secular' congress worked hand in hand with police to eradicate sikhs, i was 7/8th part away from death, since my family has sikh ancestory. NOW they want to shed their brahmin party image, which is fine by me, but if this quota goes in, they are not gonna benefit.

I WASNT aware of the alum thing, if it is this bad, then im sorry. I have no intent of hurting anyone, any caste or creed, but my blood does boil when the child of a gazetted ST officer gets 7000 rs as benefits for coming from a backward area of no electricity, and uses that to buy a cellphone. The same child also steals petty things like pens, and other stuff.

I didnt wana hurt ur sensibilities, but when is enough enough??? tell me
My frowns are not meaningless, they are the collections of what i have seen and learnt from my times in college. AND TRUST ME, i have my reasons, and there are too many of them
i Dont wana pick a fight, if possible, would like to talk to u about this sometime, and sort it out.

Sat Apr 22, 03:14:00 AM  
Blogger Neeraj said...

man... i do understand what u have seen. The first thing I had known about university of roorkee was that it has 51% reservation.

i met people who flaunted about their comp sc. branch though if they had been from gen cat., they had been in pulp and paper.

where we became iit in 2001, we had celebrated in campus that no extra reservation would be there after that.

so its like as if i have seen whatever is going to happen before going into campus.

i remember when we formed 2 groups in class for selecting convener of Tech fest, it automatically seemed like the gps are reserved vs general.

just out of school i saw a class mate who was son an SDO getting into IIT K just because of his reservation tag.

all have seen this buddy, thats why we don't want more of it...

maybe it has to be the way u say, but i follow what i believe to be right.

n i want all of us to do it rightly... this issue is something more than personal.

Sat Apr 22, 04:06:00 AM  
Blogger almost_useless said...

guess ur right mate, but i am sorry, i am very radical about what i believe in. and i think its time that we got together, as one.

I think my choice of words may be strong, but the message is universally agreed upon.

i dont know whats the 'right' way about this, but i am willing to support who soever is going to go agaisnt this fallacy

Sat Apr 22, 06:41:00 AM  
Blogger Nikhil said...

Strongly worded no doubt. But pretty much what most people with the same line of thought think, but shy away from airing them this

It's your blog and respect the way you choose to air your views without mincing words.

The general middle class will always be left to fend for themselves.

P.S. IIFT ka kya hua?!

Sun Apr 23, 07:19:00 PM  
Blogger Nikhil said...

this way*

Sun Apr 23, 07:20:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

again as always...general cat ends up having an arguement amongst themselves...
so dont blame the govt..
so u wantto know punjab u can actually, legally 'buy' seats in the govt medical collegs..they have this so called NRI quota which is never filled up by NRIs ao naybody can pay upto the tune of 40 lakh rupess n study here. the son of the rpincipal of one of the medical colleges has taken one such seat
alumni quota is bad but still limited...and i think the resntment that comes aginst them as worded in this post is but natural...
why do we, the genral cat ppl , have always to act like higher mortals n not give vent to our feelings the natural way?
n i am anonymous coz i dont have a blog n my name is too common :D

Sun Apr 23, 10:24:00 PM  
Blogger Neeraj said...

thanks dude for understanding me.

i m enemy of no one.
n i want to be friend of no one.
i m just a believer of something n found that i don't agree to it in the way u quoted it.

but i do agree the outcome of what u want n what i want is same. :)

Tue Apr 25, 11:55:00 PM  
Blogger almost_useless said...

@ nihkil- NO IFFT, wont blame a hari fucking jan for that, wasnt good enough myself
I STAND BY ALL I HAVE SAID, and if it comes to giving up my life or taking a few for this cause, i am ready to do it
@ anon1- maybe i know ur name, and yeah its sad, we r tiny wheeners after all

@neeraj, mate check out the news today, and you would see what i mean, precisely

Wed Apr 26, 08:30:00 AM  
Blogger Neeraj said...

dude... check out the news today n u'd find what i wanted to say.

In yesterday's protests a large percentage was of obc students.

Tune in to star news, two AIIMS stdents who are classified as OBC candidates have given statements against reservation.

checkout NDTV online debate, few comments are from OBC students who oppose reservation.

tune in to aaj tak, u'd see two interviews of OBC doctors who were on road yesterday and were protesting.

oh dear, look at ur blog itself... u'd find one so called OBC fighting for what is right... n thats me dude... thats me...

when i was in class 10th, I was in top 0.1% students in maths in india,

when i was in school i was amongst the toppers.

when i made it to roorkee i had an AIR of 762 (Gen cat.)

when i passed out of roorkee, i was class rank 7 getting one of the best jobs available.

but just few days before I got named as an underpreviledged OBC.

is this really fair???

Wed Apr 26, 11:37:00 PM  
Blogger almost_useless said...

thats the point mate, thats what i am saying. u dont get it.

U NEVER needed a shield of LP yadav or some nutjob politician. This is shit, thats why i am totally anti reservation. I know that ur a honorable achiever, and u dont need to remind me, u passed out of a top notch engg college without any 'act of god':))

i dont disrespect u in anyways, being a OBC. infact i didnt even give two shits abou the category BS till i joined college. I wont give two shits if any of these buggers actually deserved it.

WE START at the wrong foot. HOW CAN SOMEONE who cant write a sentence in english, let alone speak it make a good manager. If one cant add 2+2 till class 12th, how can u expect them to become a engineer, u dont spell aspirin, u dont become a doc, do u??

NDTV is the most blasphemous of all news channels showing how the govt trade policies helped the blacks emerge in the 70's. FINE. but they werent handed outt education on a platter. They also postulated that dalits buy 60 crores of soap evey year, so its natural that they are employed in private jobs. THEY WANT US TO BELIEVE THE GOODY MUSHY aspects of this. THERE ARE NONE, believe u and me.

this is not a vendatta against u mate, trust me, im not those kinds. I JUST cant take unmeritorious pricks like them getting education and jobs ahead of us.


Thu Apr 27, 01:47:00 AM  
Blogger Neeraj said...

yes i agree u r right. but my anguish is not against u...

today i am employed and getting one handsome salary (on merit)

my brother has done mba from welingkar's mumbai n is drawing some fine salary (on merit)

my father is in govt. service n will get retired in 2-3 yrs (on merit)

my sister is happily married

so i ask politicians what makes me backward goddammit!!!

i saw one guy (supporting reservation) saying on TV yesterday "hum log bhi protests karenge". i don't know what kind of protests he was referring to, i m not sure if he could have repeated the same in english...

i have seen people claiming to be res. cat. showing family income less than 1 lakh, driving big cars and getting big merit cum means schols (which actually is given only on means as so many such schols are there as compared to no. of claims)...

i have seen it till the limit of futile disparity associated...

and i am against it...

ask me n i'll bring 10 more ppl like me (to be precise... OBCs) who are against it..

check out this article to know more facts based defense:
this is the way we shud attack it...

and dude... maybe ndtv is fraud, but it atleast is capable of one thing.... making u heard...

Media and Internet are two big weapons with us this time over Mandal-I, we just gotta extract the max out of them.

Thu Apr 27, 02:22:00 AM  
Blogger almost_useless said...

Neeraj- dude, seriously i understand, u have done all that, and been there. BUT i dont understand how something with such meaningless basic aspects can be neglected and even SUPPORTED (as by NDTV) by sections of the media. i KNOW IT HURTS, it did hurt me when people try and say things like, u won becos of him/her.

i have written for JAM and i happen to the author personally. Again,its a nicely researched article, very balanced. But it doesnt look into the pirates who have extracted blood out of this bakwaas BS called reservation.

IMHO, this govt like many others wants them to remain backward and crippled, so that the likes of Laloo, paswan and mayawati prosper. So that the future govts can use this same BS to rule.

WALk on

Thu Apr 27, 12:55:00 PM  
Blogger Ajit said...

Hey kunal, nice post.

Sat Dec 16, 07:08:00 PM  
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