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Thursday, June 23, 2005

My first post

Yeah thats me. usually suspect to all that comes and goes. BTW, i have been on a awesome movie spree lately. I saw The Usual Suspects and found it to be the most goddamnest (Pardon my eng) awesome movie of all times. I mean the plot is so cool. Well i have been catching up on all the movies recently. saw pulp fiction for the upteenth time. the bestest moive of all times always looks better and there's some new info that i end up finding out.
what else, sports is pretty good, hope LA(Lance Armstrong) Wins no 7 and retires into the sunset with the country queen sheryl crow.

I read Miramax twins( tarantino & robert Rodriguez) are making a new film. All the best to them.finally cricket is making a comeback. England showed that the current crop is more than the stiff upper lips and lame excuses from dropped catched and slip ups. may they do well and win back the Ashes.

PS: if the icc read this, u dont need a screwed up soccer style subs option, u need people who are willing to do well.

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