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Sunday, April 09, 2006

And Justice for none

Well, recently, the ministry of HRD has come up with a newtonesque Idea to increase the reservation for OBC's from 0-27 % effectively raising the reservation to a meagre 49.5%!!!! So come the next academic session, most 'top-notch- instis in India, believe it or not will have one unworthy candidate, to a slightly more hord working one. This comes on the wake of the fact that these 'economically backward' classes need this 'Assistance' in order to come forward and make a name for themselves. A few eyebrows have been raised, and this has been labelled Mandal-2, the undwanted sequel, or so we hear. Now if this goes through, there will be more suicides, and more deaths, but i dont think the OBC's would be the first one's mourning.

The catch here is that the OBC's or a handful of them, have been granted admissions into the various instis and government jobs, when they have contested the general category, and they didnt need any help. So now when they cash in their blue chips, everyone else would bang their head into the walls. Trust me, there is no worse feeling than a lesser person getting what he doesn't deserve. And its not me or my pals, this is the supposed belief of the govt. that needs them to 'prosper'.

I had first heard of this when I was sipping coffee with my friends in the canteen, and thought of it as a big joke that they were putting up. After a little bit of convincing, and some reading up myself, i realised what a ridiculous and incredulous idea it was. If you want someone to come through, you give them better oppurtunities, not a seat out of every four to comfort their asses upon. Besides, in young urban India, there is no cast divide, and the IIM's and IIT's and many other concerned are located there. So hypothetically, this will be a step backwards, when you, the damn government want us to go back in time. And we thought we lived during the times of globalization and free trade.

Since me and my kind, who know a little bit, if not too much, of slogging purposefully, or so we think, for our entrance exams, will have to bear the brunt. I dont think too many in the cabinet have had to struggle in queues for education and have ever taken an entrance test, for that matter. So you want these 'babus' to be in places they don't belong, and as Uncle Sam said, 'You bet your life', will not be able to comprehend. Since when has 'handing' out oppurtunities as pocket change helped anyone. To their credit, some of them acknowledge the 'Platter' that they have been served, and are reaping the fruits. How many, one asks, just about as many as Bangladesh's series wins in Cricket.

Kill Em All
We are told that these classes have been opressed for over 5000 years, and hence need a 'chance' to make things happen. Hail BR Ambedkar, the BMF from the days of the past who first proposed the idea for 10 years. 10 has become 60, and the number 22.5%. However, this has not quite worked out according to his deranged plan, as they have created divides amongst themselves. Picture this if you may, a classmate of yours truly, stays at Lodhi road, has three cars, and keeps buying new ones, probably every gadget that money can buy, and still needs a Tribe certificate to study. Which effectively translates to the fact that he scored about 1/3rd and 1/4th of what we scored, and got in nonetheless. And not just him, families like his have a tendency to produce civil servants, docs and engineers, with a Henry Fordesque assembly line.

Natural Justice
I am also told by one of my family, that this is natural justice since they have been opressed for that long. Okay, 5000 years is a long time, which i or anyone else wont live to see. But 60 years, is on an average, is what we live and 'rot' in front of people like those mentioned above. Worse still, they even hide the fact they are the category kinds, even pretending to be general students.

Since their rerpoduction history would give fibonacci a complex, their population won't ever decrease. And they would strive to get more and more seats, and the whore that is our central govt. would eventually cave in and concur. I would tell you what natural justice would be, take away their privelages and make them live from where they started. Or better still, bring back Hitler, since he was condemned for the Holocast, this may be the time finally when he wins his goodie points back. I shall spport him wholeheartedly, since this would make my definition of natural justice. And since what he did at the time was democratic, its all the more justice.:)

More on the natural justice part, since we are on it. Take the example of the subcontinent , more specifically the Panzer tank land of North west frontier in Pakistan, an area off limits to most civilians and tourists. Off limits signifies the lack of responsiblity of the govt. if you wish to pay a visit. Here their are tribal laws, so for example, If someone from your end murders someone, he is not tried or punished. It becomes only natural for the family to reciprocate and kill any of the original family's member.

So since, they have used up their cheques for the past 60 years, its time for us to cash our cheques, which we don't have, and won't ever, since we are condemned to the general category.

If you think that my intent is a little malicious, you are wrong. its too damn personal now, and enough is just about enough now, when these swanky covent and private schools educated 'Sons-of-gods (Harijans), come and fuck around with our country. Indeed, they are the sons of gods, because god looked out for them in the first place, and hence the category of their birth. And people still wonder why there is brain drain!!!!


Blogger Aadith said...

awesome article .. completely agree ^:)^

Sun Apr 09, 04:26:00 AM  
Blogger Aadith said...

these frigging bastards should rot in hell!!

Sun Apr 09, 04:26:00 AM  
Blogger Aadith said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

Sun Apr 09, 04:26:00 AM  
Blogger Dhananjay Shettigar said...

Hi, Kunal.
Could not have been worded better.
And imagine the horror when you see a 'backward' student driving a Chevrolet Optra or Skoda Octavia.
Just too Insane!!!

Sun Apr 09, 11:27:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hmm.....hi phunny wotz up

everybody is angry dude,count me in for any protest march,coll me aake aisa kuch kiya nahin.


Wed Apr 12, 11:41:00 PM  
Blogger almost_useless said...

@ Aadith- mate, these frigging bastards wont rot, u and i and our kin and kinds will be the ones to suffer.

@dhananjay- its not about the cars they drive, hell i dont even care. The point is half of it is provided by the state, thx for the good word though and please o please spread this around

@ aps- people just dont get it, its not about taking a free ride, they are screwing the country and other more worthy students

Fri Apr 14, 07:17:00 AM  
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