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Friday, July 29, 2005

Rains, Desparation and peace

There have been downpours in mumbai, the 40 days of the bible rain, compressed into 1 and opened one fine evening,Read tit bits of new from the celebs, some of them kind and generous and some of them being the usual selves. Bipasha basu had been complaining about toilet water, or the lack of it, while i think to some people its important, i would care about the people who die & suffer. Many of my old pals moved to bombay to work or study and i was worried, but they seem alrite and scraped through with minor damages to their cellphones etc. But self indulgent as she is, i think she should think twice before saying that adolf hitler started the olympics, Which is a story for another day and time

The newest, hottest and most desparate show, Called Desparate housewives is a funny satirical look on the aftermaths( cant think of a better word) of marriage. Shown through four housewives and narrated by their dead neighbour, who died in suspicious circumstances. The serial is no different than India's POT (read prime) time telivision, but with a lot more skin show and sleaze package and 100 times hotter babes, i think its worth it. I am not a desparate housewife, better ask laura bush. U knw whats great, to be married to a ex alcoholic, now devout christian, who believes the only two wrong wars were the one he participated in and the one he is at now. not bad.

Since peace or whatver kinda peace is returning to mumbai, i think it need to be seen what our town planners and civil engineers do. Being a CE student myself, i think its a farce, a real joke. For a freshly graduate engineer earns ard 10-12k a month, after 2 years experience maybe 12-15k a month. A blue line driver earns at par, if no more. So no wonder why evryone wants computer and electronics, but these days civil is also shifting towards sitting ur asses down in chairs for 12 hrs a day and work in front of a stupid comp and develpoing. I think they should see Fight Club and maybe they would change.

Coming back to mumbai, its sad how post independence town planning has been a personification of corruption and non sense, same goes for delhi. In old delhi despite the narrow lanes and some shady people, there is never a instance of tallabs,during rains, if there are any, they are dealt with in double quick time. This also lays emphasis on what we lack as a nation after 60 years of freedom is money, infrastructure and most of all, free thinking, which in all fairness, is alien to most indians. Almost all DDA housing societies have seepage or need repairs or both every summer, which proves that god does exist and does well too..... there exists the more than odd collapse of the odd boundary wall, which is to show that we are skating on thin ice. But that was bill clinton's fav sport... wasnt it

My message is, when the toppers migrate to US, the middle of the road start working for IT firms and bottom of the ladder types, myself included ponder for what their future has in store, the govt should think of doing more than anonouncing metro rail projects and what have u's

Delhi has been unsafe for evryone, though the price is different. If its guys, they run a risk of being robbed or confronted by a thief, or a cop (YES). for girls the implications are way more serious and they make the headlines most times.
A joke called delhi police has been on the roll and the rampage has gone on ever since i have known. These days its with the challans, they have got the new Dhichik Speed guns and stand with them under a tree while making out amongst each other. The locale is a 5 km stretch where its hard to slow down, they catch u and prove how good they are. then they harrass u, if u cant pay 400,they dhamkao u like GAADI BAND KARO ISKI, that is a bit uncalled for. To be fair to them, they are trying to challan tinted glassed cars for reasons known to all, but now u knw how they make their 14000 challans a day.

Last sunday at Siri Fort, we were waiting for the screening of Navarasa, the quite good santosh sivan film. Now there was some security jhamela and the Chubby lady organiser came and told us that we have to vacate the audi and that she cant guarantee seats again. So everyone objected and there was the old Bhindi bazaar, bongalis started Phighting(no offence, all bongs, almost all are nice), the jhomela went into high court petition ki dhamkis and what nots. But after a while a even chubbier surd ( i like surdis too, so dont mind), enters and spoke scottish punjabi or punjabi scottish and told us to move, so the Jhomela sources were checked out as a wish of the lady, probably one of the things she had to do bfore she died, ( cant think of any other reason). And the cops in their tutti phuti jaat bhasha were muttering on how and why using their lathis would b cool. WHile this itself is a decent movie plot, i felt scared to star in this......

So we went out and the cops had their wish, i heard they found the same warhead involved in the Dr Strangelove Plot, good as they are. So the movie started, wasnt worth the effort, but was a nice film from a contemporary genius. and it showed how real the cops can get, for they dont even spare the 3rd gender. So think of all of us having to pay regular bribes for flouting the rules and sometimes at their whims and fancies, but if they would want to use a lathi during a film festival where movie makers, critics and buffs all came, god only knows what college kids have in store. Sometimes i cant help but wonder.......

Thursday, July 28, 2005

Randomly Random

Since my vacations have gone past like a blur and i have njoyed like hell, i think its justified that my college opens tomm. After the unrelenting heat and humidity of the summer, its back to the days of 8 hr crap, 9-5 monday thru friday, surely the worst sitcom in history.

SO its back to the days of gheesu students and teachers who wana screw ur happiness as and when they deem right. The quote Nobody is a virgin, life fucks everybody is so true. But when u hate ur classmates, i think college is eternal punishment to hell, a crucifixion of biblical proportions, just that u wont have dan brown writing about it. The randomness of my head is getting the better of me it seems, so before any of u gets a chronic depression bbye and peace

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Indian jhamelas

Indian life or the lack of it is limited to the jhamelas, of a house, livelihood and a famliy, while most of follow these ideals blindly. bullshit as they are, many people are stupid just to follow them without any usage of their own grey cells. the reason is theere own grey cells are so f'****** up that they cant think. I mean most indians marry becos ur parents tell u to. What rubbish, they do condemn u to hell but they are not a part of it.

our TV's Shitty programming only glorifies this, i mean all that can be seen during the primetime on "LEADING" indian channels is family jhamelas and extra maritals along with some slapstick saddistic shady comedy shows. kudos to balaji, it certainly is fucking up the indian audience real good man.

So those of u wana change ur choice, switch over to the WWE, its not much different, but definitely much better.

Friday, July 22, 2005

Passport Queue

if any of u mortals go to a passport queue or been there already, i wish god have mercy on ur soul, and hope the passport verification officer too. A couple of days back, i had to get up early and go and stand in the passport office q, when i reached there it was 50 ms long already, but someone had been waiting for us, and we were lucky to b only 30 m away. but the jehad took us two hrs, where u heard all sorts of swears, guards shoving dalals, people cursing the clerks and whatever ur imagination can foresee

Well finally at the stroke of noon, i was only 2 spots away, but the ATM(Aunty turned Mod) had about 200 appplications on her, and it seemed to take her forver and ever. Then thankfully the next applicant was a infant(LUCKY him) who brought 3 people along as his bodyguards!!! like the movies

Finally about 12 20, i get done with the stuff and i called home to see if the nearest cinema was screening sarkar. Funny are the ways of the lord, it turned out to b a 12 30 show, so i zipped like Alonso and straight into the parking where the bomb squad wanabes checked my car. after the usual formalities i got in and there was a James trailor playing, i thot i had missed the start of yet another movie, but luckily i dint. then the movie started

u can start n reviews abt the movie, what u cant take away from it is the sheer brilliance with which it has been done, apart from being inspired by the godfather, this movie has great elements which are of relevance to indians, such as family jhamelas. fast paced with great dialouges and great screenplay, master star cast, this flick has it all. i used to think indian filmmakers suck, but ramu's flick has a grip which is hard to put into words. so here's to gen present's best filmmaker for a stunning flick.

The lord sure has his ways, after 200 years in the passport queue, u get to see sarkar, when it was totally unplanned. He's got the whole world in his hands

Movie Mania hits me

What happens when a director grows old???

he makes war of the worlds, easily the crappiest movie of all time, though if some of u said fun, nice try wud b the answer. The book has faithful legion of devout followers who swear by it, but i hope the movie doesnt. ITs easily the worst excuse to visit a cinema hall. Its slow, bad and marvellously boring. i mean i dont knw how i managed to sit the duration of the movie, its so insanely boring. The terminal was so so, catch me if u can was the last horrah, for someone like spielberg, who defined the movie making of the last century. its appaling. U hope that one of the beams hits u and boom u disappear.

Then of course to make up for the fiasco of the morn, i had to go see another movie. this time i made the better choice of a movie called Dus, a tribute to mukul anand. After the 2 obituaries to mukul anand and sunil dutt, the movie starts, a slick combo of graphics, great cinematography and good starcast. the movie is a fast paced thriller , shot in canada and delhi. With plots and dialouges lifted from a mixture of the usual suspects, mission impossible and sudden death. It wasnt a genius movie, what it promises is 2 and a bit hours of fun, and a muscular item number gal, some phoren ki kudi. These days they are a dime a dozen, so dont wana rem her name. All in all a cool movie

Friday, July 15, 2005

A joke called ICC

THe ICC is the middle c which means cricket, but of late or better still, forever it has been behaving like CH********, council.

the whole game is just a joke. International status is churned out more frequently than david dhawan movies. there is officiial status for jhuggi v jopdi cricket, and the inter colony matches are being shown live on TV with the whole of our country with their whatevers glued on to TV, all the halwais and departmental stores watchin hand in hand with the property dealers.

See the thing is , ours is a country of immense mediocricity, hockey wont win a stone medal, sania mriza will endorse, lose and get praise, bhupati and paes are past their best, Abhinav Bindra flatters and fails. SO for us all cricket is the only sport oppurtune enough for us to win gold in.

till it changes watch slum 1 v slum 2 on TV

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Music, some good albums that came out much recently

A band that has been the hallmark of good music for a decade or so, are back with their new a act. The sound is the same, but if ur a devout fan, pls get this album, nice. The sometimes harshly criticized band for imitating the beatles have done ok on this album, songwriting is good and its a nice album. Nice cover, looks spooky like the X files, but the sound is not

Audioslave have released a new album, called Out of exile, an apt title for the album. They have been in exile for the past few years, but believe me and u, this new record kicks ass. The slippery solo of be ur self is just surreal and lights in the video are not bad either. Hope they can recreate the magic of old again. Four excellent musicians teaming up for a fabulous band, cant ask for more.

i hope the excellent summer of music and sports keeps getting better and we get to see some actual programs rather than the junk floating around on TV

Saturday, July 09, 2005

Its good to b with pals

Hey, back from my rendezvous with my frds, its awesome to meet people u know, u can get really high and act as foolish and stupid and they will join u. u can laugh till u drop, have the time of ur vacations and be urself. no one gives a shit.

the bottomline is, its fun :;

Thursday, July 07, 2005

wela sites and wela knowledge

U go to the web and u can find anything, almost anything, u knw what i mean :)

this site has actually taken their creativity to tell u what u did in ur last life. wow, in my case, i read some

I don't know how you feel about it, but you were male in your last earthly incarnation.You were born somewhere in the territory of modern USA South-West around the year 1375.Your profession was that of a preacher, publisher or writer of ancient inscriptions.

Your brief psychological profile in your past life:
Timid, constrained, quiet person. You had creative talents, which waited until this life to be liberated. Sometimes your environment considered you strange.
The lesson that your last past life brought to your present incarnation:Your main task is to make the world more beautiful. Physical and spiritual deserts are just waiting for your touch. Keep smiling!

sound like some hippi bullshit, what the heck, i like BS.

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

You do not talk about it

So the first rule is you do not talk abt FIGHT CLUB.

You have everything, expensive IKEA furniture, u can order anything u want from a toilet seat. What u do, u join clinics for the diseased. Ur so lonely and bored, so after a while ur ego takes over and starts underground boxing clubs. U recruit from all kinds, yuppies, cancer survivors, security, heck u recruit all u can find.

So after a while u have an army, u destroy the one thing which runs ur country, credit card companies with a plan called PROJECT MAYHEM. ur alter ego runs everything for u, u knw u cant think u cant say shit, u cant do nothing right. So u shoot ur alter Ego outta sight and get back to ur girl.

So its a cool movie, but its what u feel u can do, u feel emptiness resides all inside u, u have to fight it, get rid of it, u try ur best, sometimes it grows and grows till it reaches epic proportions. So thats when u make the choice that jack makes in the movie. so evryone i hope makes the right choice and not the wrong ones


Monday, July 04, 2005

Who is the real catcher in the rye

Who is the real catcher in the rye
I read 'The Catcher in the Rye' again. This is the first time i have read the same book for the second time, why, i ask myself?.

Well as Holden was beeing kicked out of school after school, his life wasnt giving him what he was looking for, some may say he was illusioned with his life by his own thoughts and cribbing about everything. No one is wrong here.

Its a phase which each and every 1 has to see someday. We dont like our jobs/occupation, your friends hate you or more likely so, u may not have any friends. the thing is we fight it the best we can, but we do resemble him someway or the other. the thing is, this article is a bit autobiographical for most of us at one point or the other. So like holden's lil angel sis Phoebe comes along, Some one will for all of us.

As he says at the end of the book, You start missing all the people that ever came in ur life, people with whom u have shared urself, even if they were complete assesSo, do read the book and relate with it

Sunday, July 03, 2005

Academy, get a life

The movie spree has turned into a marathon. And i got to read things i could not believe. The world's best and supposedly greatest academy is so self indulgent, it hurts, movies that have been tutti fruity bullshit get awards and real stuff gets left out

Martin 'Marti' Scorcese's brilliant masterpiece, The Gangs of New york, gets 10 nominations and ends with a zilch, gets a new record for the same. See Marti didnt create the New york of 1850's, he just put it into people's eyes. The So called Blue chipper americans apparently didnt like "America was born on the Streets" (Tagline). They call africans and asians week, well guess what, there are no people on del or bombay out to kill each other with knives on the streets, as was the case with them after 75 yrs of independence and we have had less.

It wasnt the first time marti got upped, in 1980 robert redford's ordinary people beat Raging Bull, essentially the best movie of the 1980;s and won the best picture.

This has been so since forever. Apparently Dancing with Red handkerchief's in a Courtroom gets u an Oscar Fot the best Picture (Chicago, 2002) while the true story of a small time musician surviving the Human HOLOCAST ends up with nothin ( The Pianist). And BRave FArt, Mel gibson with his links walks away with 2, the usual sspects gets not even a mention. awesome. Not many of us wud knw of ' How Green was My valley'?, but we wud hear of citizen kane and The maltese Falcon (1941). These 2 got nothing while How green.... got the oscar.
The Screw up jobs have not been limited to best Picture, best actor and others hav been blessed too. Tom cruise's sure shot was overrun by Daniel day lewis playing a retard in MY Left foot. Grow up guys. If u cant honor others, atleast honor ur own. he played a vietnam Soldier called Riki Kovac. yes there hav been better performances, but im sorry tough luck.

well im too gripped with movies, lets write about sports and music some other time
I dont knw who heads the academy, but atleast put a decent review panel before handing out Oscars at Random

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