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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

What life

Okay, i am back to my 'holden' Suicidal moments now, where everything seems made up, the relevance of things disappers. The changes that have happened over the last couple or so years, have been 'unique', shall we say. I have had enough, or life has had enough of me. I want an end, the mundane ablutions, and everything else, out. OUT. OUT. OUT

Two days of laid back champions league soccer, and the training diary submissions near, but what of that. What do you write about when you dont care what you are doing, indeed, you never have. Then people disappear, thats all i needed. Back to the old days of G n R, my first thorough music band after The Beatles. Thats the good thing about life, and all of the music of life and the arts, when all seems lost, you get back to the drawing board, and relax. Ofcourse, saw Munich, liked it. Spielberg has made a comeback of sorts after the shambles that was 'The war of the worlds'. Infact, that was such a classic, that i had to see Dus on the same day as therapy and Dus seemed like a modern classic. And then Greatbong, the best blogger in my not so humble opinion made a detailed post, and well, I dont wana put up the hyperlink, too damn tired to do that now. .


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