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Thursday, October 27, 2005

Life on the Road

After 6 days of non-stop fun and joy and everything else included, life finally went back to its slow paced, boring ways on monday morning. BITS was so so, IIT-K was awesome, just for the rock show, the quizzing events of beatzo, were in a league of their own. Now the words mindboggling and nervejangling have been used as pocket change to describe certain 'reputed' or so called QM's, the real reputation lies in the content and not in the QM's gasbag antics. Some of the greatest quizzes, which yours truly has enjoyed have been done by not so famous peeps, may it be at IIT or NSIT, even my own DCE. Sadly however, after the shambles on wednesday, i shall abstain myself from making a comment on quizzing quality anywhere

This post shall not be another one on rants and qualms and what shit. This is life on the road, away from home, a world that i know. Going to BITS, i took a train called Bikaner express, the train was late by no less than 2 hours, and with a unreserved ticket, i did try and try to get into the compartment. Sadly, this was not a Rocky movie and my efforts were futile. Then i gave up and went to the sleeper coach, to my utter amazement, it was near empty. So i srtuck up a conversation with some Rajputana rifles soldiers returning home from assam. And some parts of it were surreal. They had been on the road (train) for the past 3 or so days, and would require another half a day of travel before they reach home. They asked me stuff too, the usual Where do you study kinds, after a while i realised how fortunate i have been to be born and bred in Delhi. I mean, these guys, who actually do something for their country, had no clue about certain syndromes/facilities and stuff available in the big cities.

Then ofcourse, the highly overrated utopian Pilani failed to impress, barring a few events & the occasional bit of eye candy, four days and a few events later, it was time to go home, and ironically enough, we actually felt like we were leaving something behind, barring the 50 bucks that they still owe us :). Since the buses are very luxurious and have the best possible facilities, we decided to skip them and take a cab instead. The cab driver conveniently raised his price to 1850, when the ride was not more than 1000 or so bucks. And ofcourse, listening to Rabbi's Gill te Guitar sure made it more fun, passing by Oasis after oasis, and seeing the dim moonlight light up the fields, it looked very poetic, and very fun. ofcourse the chat was a lot of fun. With the topic changing from the indi-music scene to the jazz rock band like mahavishnu and shakti, it made for a lot of fun, the weary eyes soon took over and people started dozing around, yours truly couldn't get any. So i reached home at 12 or so and the family was awake, came here, checked some comments and the mails, slept a couple of hours, ripped own a zip, took my clothes and shifted em to another bag.

And then i decided to push off for the railway station, and reached one hour before the scheduled departure, and found the train was there already. And the reputation of the train did precede itself, the seats were filled up with people from the unreserved compartment, and to my dismay, they offered me a seat to sit on, the seat which was already reserved in my name. Then ofcourse, there was a movie plot kind twist and turns, where my partners and more importantly, the ticket keepers, had nt shown up. So i decided to dash off to the PCO and found that the ticketek would indeed be here, and the other guy kept on sleeping. The sleeper slept and the ticket guy just made it on time, as i was contemplating getting off the train. The blue line like journey was very taxing, with the train stopping everytime it could, and everytime it couldn't, it did the same.

And then ofcourse, we had a great time in Kanpur, the hospitality is just heartwarming, and overly kind. The plush rooms and the miminal paperwork meant that the formalities didn't get too shady & rigorous. And the quizzes and rockshow, it was a toss up. But we kind of got the best of both worlds, we listened to the rock show as we participated in the quiz. The results were nice, and the competition was the stuff of legend.

Travelling is tedious and all that gyaan. But trips like these don't happen too often.


Blogger thedq said...

Dropping by your blog :-)
Travelling is a pain isn't it ?

Mon Oct 31, 07:51:00 PM  
Blogger almost_useless said...

nah, travelling is a lot of fun, espicially its one of ur last embarkments on a trip with friends, who would each chose their different paths soon

thx for dropping by nonetheless, and keep coming back for more

Tue Nov 01, 01:37:00 AM  
Anonymous neha said...

ohh..traveeling for days together in train can be more interesting than living in delhi..coming from me that means a lot..!!
of course travelling in del is the best though!..
my comments may not make too much sense ..what with a budday n diwali in one wk i am too full of chocolates n mithai n all things nice...:))))

Tue Nov 01, 10:59:00 PM  
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