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Sunday, September 25, 2005

The Day the Result came Second

As i come hone, slightly drunk (thats new, aint it?) , and think about the quiz that i have attended, and participated in, and did pretty well, i couldn't think of anything better for the title. I dont think its original to the best of my meagre knowledge, but not many things are in the days of the web are.

The day was highlighted by getting up fairly early, and going for the IIT open quiz, kombat, arguably the most prestigious open quiz in delhi. And with the team that i had, i think it was a honor, something only a few of my generation may ever know or experience. Wont know if i would ever forget this, so great this was. Yes, we didnt win, then again, who cares?? I wont think the winners would mind, and neither did i. My team had the Almighty Krishna and the Almightier Archana, viewers of quiz shows and others alike would know. And boy, for the first few q's, i was overwhelmed. Dont really know what else to say, this is just about as good as it has been for me, in my days of quizzing.

Since a lot of mumbo-jumbo about quizzing has been going on in the world of blogdom and some of my previous posts, i think its only fair that all was forgotten, or as rabbi says, "Sab Visar Gaya". Yes, I have been overly critical of Arnav and IIT D, and they had been overly critical and not so modest about their own abilities in quizzes, the crux is that it was all settled the way that it should have been. A nice quiz, though stretched on a bit too long, was the way to go about it. And go about it we did. So what all has been done and said, I hope its buried in the past and we move on, or so i would like it to be.

I guess i have said enough, but how many times have i ever said this before..........


Anonymous Arnav said...

The quiz turned out to be easier than I expected (thanks to not being a regular on the Delhi quizzing circuit). But I hope you had a decent time. It got stretched because of the long prelims and the powerpoint questions. I'll make a post on my R'vous experiences soon enough.

And, I'll be brutally frank here, you come across as a much friendlier person on the blog rather than in person :)

I was really glad when Archana told me twice that she enjoyed the quiz (don't care if she was just being polite), and I really like their team for turning up every year for the open quiz. I missed their third regular member.

I don't know if I was more conscious of this fact because of the controversy on my blog, but I was more respectful of the non-IIT participants in the quizzes, and I enjoyed interacting with them. A very fruitful experience on the whole.

Sun Sep 25, 11:05:00 AM  
Blogger almost_useless said...

@ arnav- had a good time, reasonable was a understatement, liked the quizzes, except sphinx, then again u can ay i dint make it to the finals, so i m not entitled to a judgement

Elaborate "And, I'll be brutally frank here, you come across as a much friendlier person on the blog rather than in person :)", i really dont knw man, nothing personal, just some things going on, so u do miss their third partner, he is off to bangalore and has moved, and fortunately, almost surreally i got the chance to team up with them, so the honor and the pleasure

YES. This year all was well and respectful, all said and done, kudos

Sun Sep 25, 01:08:00 PM  
Blogger Phoenix said...

I feel like standing up and applauding for everyone, for u and Arnav of course, and for everyone who was there and who wasn't, for the participants, for neha, for everybody, because somhow now I get the feeling that it's the spirit of quizzing , and healthy competition, that's won!

I can't figure out why, but I fell very happy:)

Of course Kombat was a great quiz. I rue the fact that I missed the prelims becuase I'd my own event clashing, not that I'd have made it to the finals or smthng, but the whole experience was grt.
I cdn't see the whole of any of the quizzes for similar reasons, but I hung around whenever I cd.

Thanx to Arnav and others who made the quizzes and thanx to u Kunal and others who came there...

Gosh, I almost feel like giving a tearful Thankyou speech now!!:D

Tue Sep 27, 12:18:00 AM  
Blogger almost_useless said...

@phoenix- must say we r all getting senti, arent we? WOW

Well i never had anything personal against anyone, not arnav, not against any one else from IIT, some how the written word went to evryone's head and we all let it have the better of us

And yes, arnav does deserve a lot of credit, even though he mentioned wikipedia, kidding dude, nice quiz

Instead of crediting me, u must not forget to credit my mates from DCE, the other chaps from various colleges who enjoy and uphold the spirit and joy of competing against IIT, sadly i feel IIT should come over more to DCE, but its hard to manage, going to a bloody village

and yeah pls o pls i must thank archana and krishna, my two partners, for a while i was overwhelmed, but i managed alrite, and i dont think anyone would mind the results, it was fun competing
to the next r'vous

Tue Sep 27, 01:17:00 AM  
Blogger TheDoc said...

before this page turns into a rough draft of an oscar winning speech....

Tue Sep 27, 04:51:00 AM  
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